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As guys, we know its important to always be on top of your game. Your life requires 100 percent of your focus and energy to be the man you strive to be. We also know that when you’re comfortable, dry and clean you perform better in every aspect of your life. That’s why so many guys have been looking for ways to handle sweat, odor and chafing.

There’s that swampy, sticky sweaty feeling you get around an hour after you’ve showered. It feels like everything thing is either clumped up or worse – stuck against your leg. For most people, the only option is to live with this and put up with the feeling. But if you are like us, that’s just not good enough for you. There has got to be some kind of solution which will leave you feeling fresh, dry and friction free all day long.

Take it from us, we’ve tried everything, to varying degrees of success. Baby powders work for some time, but eventually clump up and always leaving you feel like a big infant ready for a diaper change. Everyone has seen their grandpa using a big yellow bottle of medicated powder for a long day in the sun at Disneyland, but we’ve found that smelling like an old folks home on a first date doesn’t always go over wells. And what about natural ingredients? You have probably asked yourself before about where to draw the line over what kind of toxic chemicals I am putting on yourself?

Rest assured, these demands have not fallen on deaf ears. When we realized that there was no product in stores that could meet our needs, we went ahead and made one ourselves. Chassis Premium Powder was developed with the help of industry leading scientists to be designed specifically for guy’s needs to stay fresh and dry “down there” all day long.

Its unique Hydro shield technology repels sweat away from your skin and prevents caking or clumping so that you stay feeling fresh and confident no matter what your day throws at you.

Chassis is also chalk full of helpful herbal extracts to help keep your skin feeling vital and healthy.  So once you receive your bottle and make it part of your daily routine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of herbs like hops, pumpkinseed and witch hazel.

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And to lay the final blow on your man problems.  If there is any remaining foul odor, Chassis is interspersed with high quality baking soda that absorbs airborne odors thus beating the stink and keeping you fresh.  As an added benefit, Chassis is also lightly scented with a subtle “Fresh” fragrance to keep you confident that you’re smelling like a refined gentleman.  And don’t worry, if fragrance isn’t your bag, we’ve it also comes available in the unscented variety as well.

So find out why thousands of guys have already become Chassis guys.  If you’re not 100% satisfied with Chassis, send it back and we will give you a full refund – No questions asked.

  • The world's finest body powder - engineered specifically for men
  • Specially formulated to prevent chafing and eliminate odor
  • Soothes and cools irritated skin without talc, aluminum, parabens or menthol
  • Power extract blend featuring hops, pumpkin seed, aloe, witch hazel and oatmeal
  • For best results, use in conjunction with Chassis Shower Primer