5 Ways to Keep Your Balls Fresh

causes of smelly balls
Alright guys, let’s get real here. No beating around the bush.

When it comes to feeling comfortable and confident all day, there are a lot of variables to account for. You dress for success: The right outfit communicates a lot about you to your co-workers, supervisors, and/or employees. You hit the gym to keep in shape. You eat the right foods to keep you looking and feeling great (or, at least, you try to). You aim to get plenty of sleep so that you’re alert all day at work.

If you account for all of these things together, you’re likely to end up feeling like you could conquer the world.

That is, until sweaty balls set in.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a morning jog, blasting your way through one more set of reps at the gym, sitting through a long (and painfully boring) meeting, making the commute home from work, or heading out for a date. No matter what the scenario, one thing is clear: A sweaty crotch is not something you want to be dealing with.

Unfortunately, more and more men succumb to the plague that is crotch sweat each and every day. It starts with a little bit of moisture, escalates to an embarrassingly demanding itch, and ends with redness, irritation, and a terrible stink.

What you need is a strategy for ensuring fresh balls each and every day. You want balls that stay fresh while you’re doing squats or box jumps. You want fresh balls when meeting with new clients. And you want to do everything in your power to avoid a sweaty pair of smelly balls when you’re heading home with your date.

We understand the need for fresh balls, gentlemen. Never fear: we’ve put together this list of the top 5 ways to ensure that your balls stay fresh all-day long. Follow these tips and you can kiss your groin sweat goodbye. (Not literally, of course.)

Ready to freshen up your sack? Let’s get started.

Choose the right underwear

In some cases, no amount of grooming on its own is going to be enough to fix your ball stench. Why? Because what you wrap your balls in matters, too. What are we talking about? Underwear, of course.

If you choose the right underwear, your balls will be able to breathe adequately. If you pick the wrong ones, you’ll effectively seal your junk up for the day and create the perfect conditions for bacteria growth: warm temperatures, lots of moisture, and a total lack of light.

So, what do we mean when we say the “right underwear”? Do you need something tight? Something loose? Is it better to go with a natural fiber like cotton, or a synthetic fiber like polyester? Do those “wicking underwear” actually work? And if so, what is it exactly that they do?

Here’s the thing: on the one hand, cotton underwear is super breathable. This means that there will be better air flow around your balls, thus decreasing the kind of stagnation that leads to bacterial growth. And yes, in case you didn’t know, body odor associated with sweat is actually due to bacteria proliferating on the surface of your skin as they thrive in the sweaty environment. Gross, right? No one wants a colony of bacteria throwing a party on their ball sack.

This might make you think that cotton is the obvious choice. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. While cotton does increase air flow significantly, it also does a pretty bad job of wicking away sweat. When your body sweats, it’ll tend to soak right into the cotton. From there, your damp undies will be in direct contact with your skin. This can actually decrease airflow as your wet underwear (gross) cling to your balls, effectively keeping them warm, moist, and primed for a bacteria fiesta.

On the flip side, some synthetic fibers are better than cotton at wicking moisture away from the skin. They manage to take that moisture and actually transfer it to the outside of the garment, where it can then evaporate. This has a cooling effect (which we’ll discuss more below), and it also helps keep your balls dry. The problem, though, is that most synthetic fibers don’t breathe very well.

Your best bet, then, it usually a combination of the two. Why not have the best of both worlds? Some of the most effective underwear out there are a blend of cotton and synthetic fabrics. The result is simple: airflow is maximized thanks to the cotton, while sweat is wicked away from your balls by the synthetic portion of the fabric.

The result? Fresh balls.

Wear the right clothes

We just talked a lot about how the right underwear can essentially act as a form of crotch deodorant by increasing air flow, reducing moisture, and cooling off your sack, proper underwear can go a long way towards preventing a nasty pair of sweaty balls.

But, it’s not all about underwear. After all, you’re wearing other clothes, too. At least, we hope you are.

Joking aside, there’s no use in wearing high tech cotton/synthetic blend underwear if you’re going to throw a pair of thick black polyester pants over top of them. You’ll end up with the same problem you’d have with an improper pair of underwear: the polyester will cut off air flow, effectively reducing the ability of any sweat wicked away from your balls by your underwear to evaporate effectively. Plus, the cotton component of your undies won’t be able to conduct any air into or out of your sack area, thanks to the fact that your polyester slacks have your nether regions sealed off like a hermetic chamber (well, okay, maybe not that tight of a seal, but still).

Of course, 100% cotton pants can cause the same problem. If you’ve ever broken a major sweat in a pair of jeans or dark colored cotton dress pants, you know what we’re talking about. They get wet, and they don’t want to dry out. Again, this makes it impossible for your high-tech underwear to do their job properly.

The solution here is pretty simple, then. You need a pair of pants (or shorts) that accomplishes the same thing as your underwear: a good balance of air flow and moisture wicking. There are plenty of synthetic blend options out there.

Remember, of course, that this is less of an issue if you’re not worried as much about warm temperatures. If you don’t have to deal with scorching heat, the right pair of underwear can do their job more effectively than if you’re sweating up a storm in a pair of polyester pants. On the flip side, it’s important to wear the right pants if you’re going to be breaking a sweat. Perspiration is what actually cools your body ; but, that cooling effect only happens if the sweat can evaporate. If it stays trapped in and around your ball sack, things will heat up mighty quick.

To manscape, or not to manscape? Trim things up, but not too much

Manscaping is all the rage these days. We don’t have time here to go on a lengthy diatribe about its advantages and disadvantages -- although look for a longer discussion of the practice in a future blog. No, for now we’ll just touch on the basic concept of keeping your balls fresh by shaving them smooth. Is this really the right move? Does it actually work? And, why are you in such a hurry to wax your nuts?

Here’s the deal. On some level, there are actually hygienic benefits to...ahem...trimming the hair around your balls. If you think about it, this makes sense. A particularly hairy nut sack is going to collect and hold a lot of extra sweat. The more sweat that proliferates in your ball region, the more bacterial growth you’ll experience. And, as we’ve already seen, bacterial growth equals odor and irritation. All in all, then, trimming the hair on your balls can help keep your crotch fresh.

But, this isn’t necessarily a case of more is better. Why? Well, think about it: the hair on your ball sack can actually provide you with some protection. In fact, your ball hair can significantly cut down on the amount of friction that occurs when you’re moving. On some level, ball hair can be pretty important for preventing your (hypothetically waxed and far-too-smooth) balls from rubbing back and forth against your underwear while you’re going for a run or walking to work. Reduced friction means less irritation and reduced temperature, which in turn leads to less sweating and fewer odors.

And if you’re going to keep some hair down there (and you probably should), it’s always a good idea to keep that hair as abrasive-free as possible. The best way to do that is to make sure that the hair is soft – just like the hair on your head. How do you accomplish this feat? It’s easy. Make sure the hair down there is conditioned. And it doesn’t need to take a lot of time either. Chassis’ very own 5-in-1 Shower Primer actually helps soften your pubic hair when you use it, making soft, scratch free hair convenient and easy.

Overall, your best bet if you really feel compelled to trim down there is to leave anywhere from a half an inch to an inch of hair. We repeat: waxing your balls smooth will lead to irritation and friction, which is just going to increase your ball problems. Obsessive manscaping is not the way to fresh balls.

Scrub your sack

So, at this point you know that it’s important to wear the right undies and breathable clothes, and to be responsible (in other words, not overly obsessive) when it comes to trimming your ball hair. But what else can you do to combat a sweaty crotch?

Up until now, we’ve failed to mention one of the most important things that will set you up for ballsack success: a proper daily hygiene routine.

To be clear, we’re not advocating that you develop a weird complex that involves obsessing over the cleanliness of your junk. We’re not saying you should carry around a pack of wet wipes and go tend to your balls three times a day. We’re talking about what you can do in the morning while you’re in the shower, and it takes less than a minute to accomplish.

Some guys make the mistake of scrubbing their nuts with a bar of cheap, generic, skin-drying soap (or body wash). Don’t be one of those guys. This is a surefire way irritate your nuts.

Why? Because while it’s important to wipe the bacterial slate clean each day, doing so can also set you up for irritation. You may not want your balls to sit in a swampy pair of undies all day, but you also don’t want them to be too dry. Repeated scrubbing with a particularly strong, moisture-robbing soap can severely dry out your sensitive ball skin and cause major amounts of irritation. Ouch.

Still, though, it’s important to get your balls clean. What you need is a product that can give you a deep clean -- effectively eliminating the odor-causing bacteria that we want to avoid -- while keeping your skin moist and your ball hair soft. With the right kind of cleanser, you can have the perfect balance of clean and moist (sorry, we’ve been trying to avoid the word “moist” if at all possible, but it was bound to pop up here somewhere).

This product exists, and it’s the aforementioned Chassis® Shower Primer. Use it to cleanse your nuts during your morning shower routine (you do shower on a routine basis...right?). It’ll set you up for success for the rest of your day.

Apply body powder to your balls

Once your balls are squeaky clean, there’s one last thing to do in order to ensure fresh balls all day long. The right underwear, clothes, trimming, and shower routine are important, of course. But here’s the finishing touch, the coup de grâce: Chassis® Premium Powder.

Historically, body powder has been used to reduce sweating and odors. Powders were made with astringent ingredients such as talc. Thanks to their astringent qualities, they could reduce excess moisture while conferring a pleasant scent.

At least, that’s what they did in theory. The truth is that most body powders have traditionally been made with questionable ingredients, talc included. Chassis Premium Powder is pleasantly scented with natural ingredients, and it’s completely free of irritating chemicals. People don’t call it the best powder in the world for nothing. And if scented powder isn’t your thing, Chassis also offers Chassis® Premium Powder Unscented.

With the help of Chassis® Shower Primer and Chassis® Premium Powder, you can rest assured that your balls will make it through the day staying fresh. Say goodbye to crotch sweat, smelly balls, and sweaty groins. Say hello to clean, fresh balls.

To learn more about Chassis’ products, check out our frequently asked questions page.