Chassis is made in the USA. We use well-known contract manufacturers who produce the products to our precise formula.

Our users have different preferred methods for application. Among the most popular are the following. Option 1: Cover the palm of your cup-shaped hand and then splash it into the preferred area. Note: This is probably the most common and effective method. Option 2: Sprinkle directly into undergarments before or after dressing. Option 3: Use bath tissue to apply directly to the area.

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We use menthyl lactate as a cooling agent instead of menthol. Although more costly, menthyl lactate is less harsh and much longer lasting. In fact, many men report a cooling sensation that lasts up to an hour.

Comparing Chassis to other products is like comparing apples and oranges. As a premium product, Chassis has a much higher COGS (Cost of Goods Sold). In fact we spared no expense when selecting our ingredients, from corn starch to lanolin to pumpkin seed extract, our goal was to create an unparalleled user experience.

Yes. In fact, ingredients were specifically selected to be as safe as possible. Questionable ingredients such as Talc, Aluminum, Parabens and Menthol were intentionally left out. In addition, an outside dermatology firm was hired to do extensive testing, and the entire product line passed with flying colors. All testing was performed on human subjects using RIPT testing.

Chassis Ice takes approximately 15 minutes for the full cooling effect to be felt. The effect is heavily dosage dependent, so increase the amount to your liking. Also, Menthyl Lactate is a longer lasting cool than Menthol, and doesn’t have the strong odor. It will not feel harsh like other “medicated” powders you may have used previously.

Chassis Premium Powder Ice has the same exact fresh fragrance that our normal Chassis Premium Powder contains. Because it doesn’t use menthol, it will not smell medicinal.

There are many differences between Chassis Premium Powder and a normal powder. Because it wasn’t derived from another similar product, Chassis is the only hydrophobic powder on the market. This means it actually fights water molecules all day long. Most powders turn into a sticky mess with the first sign of sweat. Chassis also uses pharmaceutical grade baking soda so it actually prevents odor instead of merely covering it up. Our proprietary herbal extract blend features hops, pumpkin seed, aloe, witch hazel and oatmeal to provide extra protection and skin conditioning. Our fragrance was hand-picked to be fresh, sporty, and masculine. We use menthyl lactate instead of menthol for a less-harsh, longer-lasting cool feeling. Also, Zinc Oxide is used to provide extra chafe protection. Finally, the formula is talc-free, aluminum-free, menthol-free and paraben-free.

Certain shower products like conditioner actually take time to penetrate the hair follicle in order to achieve optimal efficacy. While the average soap or shower gel does an adequate job of cleaning, they’re not meant to improve and prevent the myriad of inconveniences that men can experience down there. This is where Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer comes in. It actually penetrates the skin and body hair while providing the following attributes to start your day right: Deep cleans, eliminates odor, moisturizes skin, softens body hair, and reduces friction.

Although not specifically recommended by Prevail Solutions, many users have reportedly replaced their shower gel, shampoo and conditioner with a single flask of Chassis Shower Primer. Since it contains a deep cleanser and hair conditioner, this is technically feasible.

With Chassis, a little product can go a very long way. The replacement rate can vary depending on frequency and dosage, but on average, a bottle of Chassis powder should last up to 6 months, a flask of Shower Primer should last up to 4 months, and a bottle of Restoration Cream should last up to 1 year.

Unlike other products, Chassis does not publish expiration dates just to force our customers to purchase more frequently. An outside stability testing firm confirmed the entire product line should last multiple years when stored at room temperature. Separation could occur with the 5-in-1 Shower Primer or Restoration Cream, and can be rectified with shaking or stirring. If a change of appearance or smell does occur, please discontinue use.

Yes. We have a fresh, sporty fragrance that is universally appealing. Unlike other products, it doesn’t smell like a baby’s nursery or a hospital. The fragrance is light and not overpowering. The Restoration Cream is unscented.

We pride ourselves on using as many natural ingredients as possible and omitting anything that’s not inherently beneficial. This includes artificial coloring. Therefore, the natural appearance of our formula has an off-yellow color.


No, Chassis products are not tested on animals. With the exception of Chassis Restoration Cream, Chassis products do not contain animal products.

In sunny (and hot) Clearwater, Florida.

For customers outside of the USA, any taxes and duties collected by your home country will be your responsibility.

Although it was developed exclusively for men, Chassis can be used safely by women if desired. The only potential conflict would be the masculine scent.

We’ve had hundreds of requests for a women’s product line and we’re considering this for future development.

For the average day, you’d use Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer first. After drying, apply Chassis Premium Powder. For extreme weather or activities, Restoration Cream can either be used along with or instead of Chassis Premium Powder. Restoration Cream can also be used for quick relief if chafing were to occur.

Although it’s not specifically recommended by Prevail Solutions, we’ve had users apply Restoration Cream to abrasions, rashes and bug bites with good results.

Chassis Premium Body Powder contains Hydrated Silica, which is a common material with a long history of safe use as an ingredient in cosmetics, toothpastes and even food products. It is listed by the US Food & Drug Administration to be Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and has no known toxicity or carcinogenicity.

When people say that Silica may be dangerous, they are almost always referring to Crystalline Silica which is a completely different material that is very uncommon for people to come into contact with unless they are involved in industrial mining.