Chassis® Announces Soccer Ball Donation Program During Russia 2018

Chassis®, a market leader in men’s grooming, announces a new corporate giving program in cooperation with One World Play Project®. Through this unique partnership, Chassis will donate one new One World Futbol (soccer ball) for every goal scored during the world tournament in Russia. These unique, unpoppable balls developed by One World Play Project will be distributed by One World Play Project’s partner organizations who work with refugee youth, displaced by conflict, disease and/or natural disaster.

“When we first became aware of One World Play Project, we decided to become involved with their mission of bringing ‘play’ to all children around the globe, regardless of financial means. This innovative campaign will allow us to donate unpoppable balls to those in need under the fun backdrop of the 2018 world soccer tournament,” said Payton Huhta, VP of International Development for Chassis. “When it came to distributing the balls, we were interested in helping refugee youth have more opportunities to play. These kids have lost their homes, friends and even family, and play can help them cope with stress, heal from trauma and adjust to their new environment.”

The innovative balls from One World Play Project® don’t require a pump and never go flat, even when punctured, making them ideal for rugged environments. Since its launch in 2010, the company’s balls have brought Soccer to over 60-million youth around the globe. Chassis will be donating a brand-new One World Futbol for each goal scored during Russia 2018 which begins June 14th. (The charitable donation by Chassis is not formally affiliated with FIFA World Cup™.)

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About Chassis®

Chassis was created to address a critical void in the men’s grooming marketplace. The first and only premium line specifically engineered for better performance down there, Chassis boasts a targeted portfolio of advanced products to keep men fresh, dry and friction-free, even during the most extreme situations. This cutting-edge collection uses only the safest and highest quality ingredients including its proprietary Power Extract Blend. Chassis is free of problematic ingredients such as Talc, Aluminum, Parabens and Menthol. The entire product line is available in the US on,, and Customers in the UK, Germany, France, Canada and Japan can now find it on their nations’ Amazon sites. Complete information is available on the company’s website at