Bat Wings: What Are They and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

Bat Wings

Dealing with a pair of balls, day in and day out, can be quite a chore. From constantly requiring adjustment to the ever-present fear of getting pawed in the bullseye by your family dog, it seems like they're always causing trouble.

One of the most relentless issues that you're familiar with is the sweaty mess that is apparently inevitable when the temperature begins to rise even the slightest. Whether you're hitting the gym hard or hanging out on a beautiful (yet humid) sunny day, sweaty balls are uncomfortable.

Of course, that's not the end of the story. As if being incredibly sweaty wasn't troublesome enough, all of that heat and humidity can cause its own string of problems. We're here to talk about one such issue today: bat wings.

What are bat wings? How do you get rid of them? How do you prevent them from coming back to haunt you? 

In this article, we'll answer your questions and help you tackle this issue once and for all. 

What Are Bat Wings?

"Bat wings" is a slang term for when your balls stick to your legs. If you imagine this scenario, you likely won't have to leap too far to understand where the name "bat wings" comes from. When you're trying to work out or go about your day, this feeling is... unpleasant. 

What Are Bat Wings

You've probably noticed this happening on particularly hot and humid days or when you're dealing with excessive sweat in the groin region. It is also common to experience bat wings when you've recently engaged in a heavy workout.

Why Does This Happen?

This highly displeasing occurrence happens thanks to heat and humidity in the groin area. Sweating "down there" is normal and not cause for concern, particularly if you live in a hot and humid climate or you've been working out. That being said, just because it's normal doesn't mean that it's something you want to keep living with.

Dealing with sweat-related groin issues like bat wings can be a serious bummer when you're just trying to enjoy the summer. Suddenly, things you once looked forward to, like going to a BBQ or heading to the beach, become a cause for concern.

Sweaty balls are uncomfortable enough on their own, but the potential emergence of a gross odor, itching, chafing, and bat wings really push the experience over the edge.

How Do You Get Rid of Bat Wings?

There are two different things you can do to prevent bat wings, aka your balls sticking to your legs. You can choose to go with one option or the other, but both of them at the same time will definitely help eliminate this issue from your life. If you'd like to try one potential solution at a time, start with the body powder.

How are you supposed to keep your balls fresh during a long, hot day? This post looks at five essential tips for feeling clean all day long.

1. Apply Body Powder to Your Balls

Applying a high-quality body powder that is specifically formulated to be used in men's nether regions is your best bet for getting rid of bat wings once and for all. You'll be amazed by the ability of a good powder to reduce sweat even on the hottest of days, relieving you of the frustrating and uncomfortable situation of your scrotum sticking to your legs.

High Quality Body Powder

Beyond that, ball powder can also help eliminate any unpleasant odors and prevent chafing.

If you haven't jumped on the ball powder train yet, you're missing out. You don't have to face the day every morning knowing that you're going to end up sweaty, stinky, uncomfortable, and potentially chafed. Applying powder before you get dressed will help soak up the sweat as the day goes on, keep you feeling fresh, and allow you to stop thinking about your balls and focus on what matters.

It's hard to overstate how important body powder is as a weapon against a swampy crotch. If you haven't tried it out yet, you're in for a truly pleasant surprise. You'll find that your days of suffering through the heat and trying to maintain your composure are over– you can carry on with your life without constantly dealing with the agony of sweaty balls.

If you've really been feeling the heat recently, consider trying a natural ball powder with cooling action. If you're worried about the medicinal smell that usually accompanies "cooling" products, don't worry. Our Chassis Premium Powder Ice Max is made with menthyl lactate rather than menthol, which means that it's gentle on the skin and doesn't smell like your grandpa's house.

Powder Ice Max

Are you struggling with chafing down there, but powder simply isn't doing the trick for you? Check out this article to learn more about the other options to help you overcome chafed skin.

2. Wear Boxer Briefs or Briefs Instead of Boxers

Another tactic you can use to combat bat wings is to switch up the type of underwear you're wearing. Boxers leave way too much room for things to move around freely down there, leaving you in a situation where your balls are stuck to your leg on a hot, sweaty day.

Wear Boxer Briefs

Briefs and boxer briefs are more confined, helping to keep your scrotum separate from your legs. A new type of underwear has emerged in recent years that provide a special pouch for the balls, ensuring that they don't start rubbing up against other parts of your body and potentially getting stuck there.

When shopping for new underwear, you should also prioritize moisture-wicking materials or help with air circulation like mesh. This can add an additional layer of protection between you and the sweaty, uncomfortable mess of bat wings.

Why It's Important to Keep Your Groin Area Sweat-Free

No one likes feeling like they're living in a swamp, but discomfort is, unfortunately, one of the mildest side effects of lots of sweat in your groin area.

1. Chafing and Itching

Chafing occurs due to friction, such as your skin rubbing up another part of your skin or your skin rubbing against clothing. However, heat and humidity can make chafing a lot worse.

Groin chafing can be particularly tortuous for overweight people or those who exercise a lot. The mildest symptoms of chafe include discomfort and irritation, but more severe ones can include such unpleasant side effects as welts and sores.

Groin Chafing

Chafing can happen in any area of the body, but it's particularly common in places that are warm and moist. For this reason, the inner thighs, the armpits, and the groin are common culprits.

If you're dealing with chafing, a good body powder can help. You can also get chafing creams and lotions, which soothe the area and help create a protective layer between your skin and whatever it's rubbing against.

2. Fungal Infection

If you're excessively sweaty and you're prone to chafe, you'll want to watch out for fungal infections. This type of infection– such as jock itch– absolutely thrives in a damp, hot environment.

Symptoms of jock itch include redness, burning sensation, changes in skin color, persistent itching, a rash that gets worse with activity, and peeling, flaking, or cracking skin. Though jock itch doesn't usually develop on the scrotum, it commonly impacts the groin and inner thighs and can even spread to the buttocks and abdomen.

Jock Itch

The fungi that cause jock itch are actually always living on your skin. Usually, they mind their own business and don't cause any trouble. When they are prolonged to moisture for too long, though, they start having a party and multiplying.

Jock itch isn't just uncomfortable; it's also highly contagious. For this reason, it's best to keep your sweat situation in check and avoid the debacle altogether.

3. Bacterial Infection

When you don't deal with the fact that you've got sweaty balls, it can end up creating the ideal environment for bacteria to breed. A number of unsightly and uncomfortable skin problems can result from bacterial infections, including boils. If you don't deal with it at that point, the infection can travel to other parts of your body and wreak havoc.

More Tips For Reducing Sweaty Balls and Their Consequences

Bat wings are only one of the unfortunate side effects of having sweaty balls. Here are a few more tips to help keep your nether regions dry, odor free, and comfortable.

1. Lose a Little Weight

This isn't going to apply to everyone, but if you've got a little weight to lose, you might find that doing so helps to reduce your sweat, odor, and bat wing issues. In general, leaner people tend to handle the heat better than heavier people.

Lose a little Weight

If you've been looking for an excuse to lose a few pounds and you've been suffering from the consequences of groin sweat, this might be your time to shine. 

2. Practice Good Hygiene

Keeping your groin drier and cleaner might not necessarily make you sweat less, but it can make the whole ordeal a lot less uncomfortable. If you've been looking for the best men's body wash out there, your search is over. Our shower primer helps to fight odor, prevent chafe, and cools and hydrates your skin.

When you're choosing body care products, it's important to take a close look at the label. Many personal care products are filled with ingredients you don't necessarily want to be slathering all over sensitive parts of your body.

Good Hygiene

Make sure you find a body wash made with the highest-quality natural ingredients without any nasty stuff like aluminum and parabens. At Chassis, our entire line of products is made with nutrient-rich botanicals, natural extracts, and other all-natural ingredients. 

3. Watch Your Diet

You can do several things to your diet to try and reduce your tendency to sweat excessively. For one, drinking plenty of water can help your body keep its ideal temperature much more easily. This can mean that you don't end up sweating nearly as much.

Watch Your Diet

On top of that, you might choose to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet to help improve your overall health. Calcium-rich foods can also be useful as calcium plays a central role in regulating metabolic factors like your body's temperature and fluid levels.

4. Consider Material When Choosing Clothing

You'll often find people suggesting wearing moisture-wicking and synthetic fabrics when trying to avoid the feeling of being a giant swamp creature. While this might be the right solution for you, it's worth experimenting and finding fabrics that help you feel the most comfortable.

Man Jogging in Workout Clothes

While you may be familiar with the saying "cotton kills" (referring to the tendency of cotton to hold moisture and therefore make it hard for your body to regulate temperature,) natural fibers like cotton and wool can be blended in ways that help to wick away moisture and keep you dry.

Is It Time to Finally Live a Comfortable Life?

Life is too short to deal with sweaty balls and rashes. You have too many important things to accomplish to mess around with your own scrotum sticking to the inside of your thighs. This madness has gone on too long, and only you can put a stop to it.

Luckily, the solution really is simple. While there are a number of lifestyle changes that you can make to help reduce the discomfort of under-the-belt perspiration, such as changing your underwear style, losing weight, and watching your diet, the most effective and immediate solution is easy-as-pie.

Live a Comfortable Life

All you need is some high-quality, all-natural ball powder to keep your groin dry all day long. Planning on hitting the gym? No problem. Expecting to walk around Miami in July? You're all set.

If you're looking for a ball powder with a little bit of cooling action, check out our Premium Powder Ice. This ball powder uses an innovative cooling agent to help awaken your senses and keep you feeling cool, and it features the same fresh, masculine scent as our original powder.

For extreme cooling, you can kick things up a notch with our Chassis Premium Powder Ice Max.

Prefer to stay under the radar? Not interested in smelling like anything at all?

No problem. For you, we have our Unscented Premium Powder, which uses the exact same top-selling formula as our original powder but doesn't even have a whiff of scent.

Of course, there's also our OG formula– Chassis Premium Powder– which offers a masculine scent, all-natural ingredients, and hydro-shield technology to fight odor, chafing, and sweat all day long.